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About Me

Sexy Medical Romance Author

My name is Ellis Kaye. Yes, it's an alias, but when you write sexy stories, have small children, a pretty public grown-up job, and a tendency to drop the 'F' bomb like singles at a strip club, a pen name is pretty necessary.

Shameless 3rd person bio...

As an avid lover of romance before her first kiss, Ellis would lose herself in the fantasy of two people falling in love – and eventually (well after twenty-one if any of her children ask) – the sexy-time tingles that go with it. There isn’t an exact moment where she decided to sit down and write steamy, love stories mainly because as a Mommy by day and Registered Nurse by night there’s never time to sit. But between poopy diapers, endless traffic, and the few blissful moments peeing alone, she daydreamed about truelove and happily every afters.

She loves funny but flawed Heroines with a strong backbone and finds Hero sin-spiration everywhere with a soft spot for stubbled jaws, good manners, and silver-foxes. 

When she’s not being a super mommy and lactavist, writing, or saving lives in the ER and Neonatal ICU, Ellis can be found reading and critiquing at DFW Writers’ Workshop, and reminding folks to count their blessings she doesn’t write dinosaur erotica.

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