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Just a little tidbit to get us going. Foreplay? Heck yes.


1. I swear. A Lot. Because sometimes.... A good fuck fixes everything.

Just what your ER nurse ordered....

Oh. that's better.

2. I will be myself. And by that I mean. Shit will get real. About mothering. Nursing. Writing. And my personal soap box, Lactivism.

3. As a nurse, by default, I have a huge heart, and the well I go to for compassion and empathy is deep. It needs to be, but sometimes, people do stupid shit. It keeps me employed, and i love it as much as i hate it. it's the best job next to being a mommy, and I wouldn't... Couldn't do anything else.

4. I always have interesting antidotes about being a Mom, and woman to woman, parent to parent... Those stories bind us in a happy hell that keep us running everyday.

5. I have a tough exterior, but I'm not a bully. So, any mean natured (and not sarcasm, I speak that fluently) posts will get the boot. Because I'm queen of this castle. And trolls can eat shit.

6. Can't wait to mingle with everyone and be sure to stalk me on socail media, otherwise who will i know if anyone really likes me?!

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