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I've come out of the writer closet...

So, I've kept my writer's blog in the shadows because I'm ... well... embarrassed. What if people think I'm dumb. Or that my writing is lame. Or that that the sky is falling... Or worse, that I'm just promoting another thing... Another bored housewife looking for something to sell or do. Don't get me wrong... I need my stuff sold by other women... but this is something purely me. If someone doesn't like their LuLaRoe or R+F it's not the problem with the seller...

But today... I ripped of the bandage. I let the world of facebook and twitter know ellis kaye is live and real. Currently, she's wearing bright pink lipstick and sipping tea pretending to be cool at a trendy coffee shop. I am a mom. I am a nurse. and I am an author. I hope to be one for a long time. Or until Hollywood finds me and needs a new face to makeout with Benedict Cumberbatch ... or any Marvel Hero for that matter...

Have a great day u guys.

what says self indulgent then a selfie when blogging about themselves...

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