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Don't deny you're a little bit curious...

In case you're new to the party, I wrote a book. Two if you're really counting. And two-point-seven-five if you're splitting hairs. And as the woman who put her ass in the chair to write, delete, and edit over 300,000 words, I reserve the right to split those hairs.

For the last several years I've skirted around the title of 'Author' because it still feels fake. People immediately say,

'Oh my God, I can't wait to read it. Are you published? Where can I get your book?' And I'm like...

Spoiler alert guys... It takes a long-ass-time. Calling myself an author felt like that annoying patient's family member who says 'oh yeah, I know x,y,z because I'm a nurse.' No... you're a CNA at a nursing home - don't tell me you know how to cardiovert your MIL in persistent AiFib with RVR or that you know how to bottle feed a preemie because your neighbor's cousin had a baby that was a month early.

But fuck all of that. Unlike nursing school, lawyer school, doctor school, or teaching school... being an author isn't a degree or some sort of measurable accomplishment other than putting in the time and striving to make your work the best it can be.

So, I figure if you've made it this far...

Hmmm... What is Sexy Medical Romance?

You've got to be curious. Is it any good? Well. I think so. But throughout August, I'll be posting snippets from the first chapter from HOW A HEART BEATS... and you can decide.

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