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So. I Have News.

Alright. So I suppose I need to end my little dry spell here with some news... Of course the nurse in me is itching to go back and Fluff and Buff my 'chart' aka. my blog. TBF, I have several 'pended nursing notes' in the form of unpublished drafts buuuut at least there aren't unacknowledged MD orders and I won't be in yelled at for missing the all important pee sample.

Last year while I attended the Dallas Fort Worth Writers' Conference ( I connected with Literary Agents Amy Brewer and Patty Carothers at Metamorphosis Literary Agency Aside from loving all the same things (wine, our kids, and hot guys) we had the same passion for books. I was beyond pleased when Amy offered to represent me and story HOW A HEART BEATS. She understood my characters, my style, my affinity for incomplete sentences... We clicked, and I knew she'd work hard to get my stories published.

So... It's time to get excited because HOW A HEART BEATS is going to be published!!

Don't worry folks - I fully intend to keep my day/night job serving turkey sandwiches and saving lives as I will always need real life as fodder for fiction.

PS: some names have been changed to protect the guilty. You'll need to buy and read to see if you got named... and if you live or die :-)

check out my previous posts for the first few pages, and my awesome rant about that time big brother changed our IV caths and how we're still mad about it.

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