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I suppose this makes me legit?

So, I'm about a week late on the blog post of all posts. Many apologies as I'm sure you're all so flipping tired of me. But here goes. I've got a book you guys. It's a real life, honest to goodness finished, traditionally published book. For the longest time I refrained from boasting, or pushing my novel in front of everyone's noses. Like it was somehow obnoxious. That I'd get on everyone's nerves. Or that I was going to be perceived like the next person to over add you to their online side hustle. So... I didn't promote how I wanted. I didn't blast social media like I wanted. I didn't shout it from the top of the helipad for all of Fort Worth to hear - I was quiet, yet hoping by some huge miracle my accomplishment would take off in this huge, viral manner.

I was a writer the first time I pulled out my pen and little journal in the cafeteria at Cook Childrens hospital in Fort Worth where I had the privilege to work in one of the best neonatal ICU's in the country. I challenged myself to fill up one page. Then another. Eventually moving over to the computer where I had managed 25 pages. Daring myself to make it another 50, then 100... The story was complete garbage. But luckily I didn't give up. I found my tribe at the DFW Writers' Workshop and decided then and there - I was going to be an author. I was going to write sexy, romantic, emotionally driven love stories and learn to be good (or slightly better than decent) at it.

It has taken hours upon hours and well over million words to get me to where I am. And I am so stinking proud of myself. That said, imposter syndrome creeps in just about every other day, but that is what makes me human, relatable... And then. I thumb through the pages of a book I WROTE and flip insecurity the bird.

To the writers just starting out - Find yourself some people. And not just people who will tell you your stuff is good. Be ready for real critique. Embrace what others say - IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO USE THEIR CRITIQUE - it means you're open to learning from others appreciating the process. I'd never be so trite as to say 'write everyday' because I've had a hella big dry spell. Life can get in the way, and allowing yourself some grace will do wonders.

To the three of you who read this drivel. Thank you for supporting me. Thanks for giving a crap. And go out and buy the book. It's good. I promise.

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